IAABO 134 Brochure

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IAABO 134  Brochure

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Mercy Rule (PG County Middle School)...

Nov 14, 2023 by

Mercy Rule: Prince George’s County MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL The Mercy Rule for Basketball states that any time during a ball game that the point spread reaches 20 points or more, the time clock will run continuously except for time outs and injuries.  That means during free-throws as well. Eisenhower Middle School: Uniforms will not have legal numbers please do not penalize them for this infraction. Drew Freeman: The correct address is: 2600 Brooks Drive, Suitland/Silver Hill, MD – Next door to Suitland HS James Madison: Home games are at Forestville located at: 3393 Donnell Drive, Forestville,...

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IAABO U. is an on-line officiating certification program created by the national organization for use by any local chapter. The key benefits are that it allows candidates to take those classes within the comfort of home and do so on their own time rather than at a scheduled date at a centralized meeting location. The hope is that IAABO U. will mark the next tangible step toward taking membership back in the right direction. We all know that time is precious, especially being away from your families. So, this allows people to complete the course when and where it is convenient for them. Hopefully we’ll be able to reach more people that have wanted to be involved but can’t go every week to take a class. The program cost is $50 + additional costs...

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