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1. There is player and team control on a rebound?

2. A-1 holds B-1 on a rebound. Team B is in the bonus. B-1 will shoot a one and one?

3. The principle of verticality can be violated on a rebound?

4. The Center official is responsible for weak side rebounding?

5. A-1 “boxes out” B-1 and extends his/her arms to prevent B-1 from getting a rebound. This is a legal play?


1. False- NF- 4-37-1; NCAA- 4-55-1.

2. True- NF- 4-37-2b; NCAA- 4-55-2b.

3. True- NF- 4-37-d; NCAA- 4-55-2d.

4. True- NF- Page-114- IAABO Manual; NCAA{Men}- Page-64- CCA Manual: Page- 78- CCA Manual.

5. False- NF- 4-37-2b; NCAA- 4-55-2b.

1. Officiate with the concept of possession consequence and clean-up on rebounds.

2. The Lead has strong-side rebound coverage.

3. The Center has weak side rebound coverage.

4. The Trail has perimeter coverage on rebounds.

5. The Trail official should officiate with a “Big Picture M

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